Sunday, May 20, 2018

Snowy Egret at Freeman Pond 5/20/2018

    Got a call from Linda Scribner late this morning to notify me of a Snowy Egret found by Shelly Green as she passed by Freeman Pond on US-31.  I headed right out there where Linda and her husband Chuck were watching the bird, as was Dave Dister who was on his phone getting the word out on a bird that hasn't been seen in the county in 41 years.
    It was visible almost motionless in the pond until it took off and flew nearly overhead and landed on the farside of the small pond at the Kubota dealer on the west side of US-31.
    This brought the bird closer as it preyed on small fish in the pond.

looks like my yard
   It later headed back across the road but not before allowing some flight shots in good lighting.

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