Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Morning Storm 6/26/2016

   Quite a storm rolled in off of Lake Michigan this morning. I had been watching it on radar in the predawn hours as it was crossing Wisconsin. The storm front held together as it crossed the lake and arrived on the Michigan shore just after sunrise.
Woody Woodpecker shaped bolt
   I took over 1000 photos and only caught lightning on 5 or 6 shots.
Impressive strikes a little too far from the lighthouse

Crop of above photo
Now there's something I can work with.

Right-side crop of previous photo

Left-side crop of same
   The heavy rain held off as I was taking the photos as I only had to deal with sprinkles until the ominous cloud advanced toward the harbor.  
   I could handle getting a little wet as I hovered over my camera to keep it dry, but the wind associated with the fast approaching low-hanging cloud started pelting me (and more importantly my camera) with sand, so it was time to pack it up.