Wednesday, September 28, 2016

White-winged Dove Ludington 9/28/16

  Note: This bird is at a private residence .

   A couple of days ago I was made aware of a White-winged Dove less than 2 miles from my house. The bird has been seen by the homeowner each day since Monday but only for a few minutes each time.  Today I called him and he allowed me to come over and try to photograph the bird.  I arrived at his house around 10 AM and the bird hadn't been seen since 8:30 AM.  As the host was leaving to run some errands I told that I would stay about an hour.

  Right at 11 AM the White-winged Dove showed up in the lower branches of a large maple tree about 20 feet from the deck.  Of course the bird posed with its perch obstructing the prominent diagnostic white leading wing edge.

  After a few minutes the bird flew to a higher vantage point which exposed the white on the wings however the bright background sky made for some drab photos.
   Twenty minutes later it flew down to a lower branch with provided both an unobstructed view and a better background.
  This sighting represents a first for the Mason County list, which is up to 308 species.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Olive-sided Flycatcher 9/8/2016

   Another yard another Olive-sided Flycatcher.  As I stepped out on to the back deck to grill up some lunch, I looked over the house and noticed a flycatcher at the top of an oak in the front yard.  Initially I suspected a Kingbird as it chased insects then returned to the same perch.  I reached back into the house and grabbed a pair of binoculars and realized I had myself a new bird (#105) for the yardlist.  It is only the second Olive-sided Flycatcher that I've ever found (or did it find me).  The first was at my old house when I noticed one on the back wire as I walked through the dining room.

  The one at the old house only stayed a few minutes but yesterday's bird was much more cooperative. It actively hunted down bees (or wasps) and other bugs for about an hour.   

   Its habit of returning to a preferred vantage point made it possible to get some flight shots as I kept the camera trained at an anticipated landed spot.

   A couple of days ago a pair of Red-tailed Hawks sparred over my house.

The dropping of the gloves.

Looks like this just went from a hockey fight to a baseball fight, with no blows landed.

Back to their respective benches.