Thursday, October 20, 2016

Surf Scoter at Ludington Harbor

  Only found one duck during my walk on the south breakwater this afternoon.  Turned out to be a female Surf Scoter.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Snow X Ross's Geese 10/17/16

2 Snow Goose x Ross's Goose hybrids followed by a Snow Goose
   This morning after work I drove around the upper reservoir road in search of Greater White-fronted Geese that surged into the region over the weekend.  Didn't find any but I found 2 Snow Goose/Ross's goose hybrids and 2 Snow Geese(one was a Blue Morph that I was unable to photograph).

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Say's Phoebe

 Chris Lipps found this bird at the Big Sable Point Lighthouse early this afternoon. It is a Say's Phoebe although in my photos it doesn't appear pink as the images in my Sibley Guide to Birds. 

    Per Dave Dister this is the second county record for the species.  The first was also at the State Park and also found by Chris Lipps.
    Dave and I observed and photographed the bird for just under an hour. It was still there when we left.  For those who want to try for the bird, the lighthouse is a 1.8 mile hike from the nearest parking lot.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Ludington Loon

  Found a cooperative Loon at the Harbor this morning.

  The color of the bill appeared rather light.  I tried to turn it into a Yellow-billed but I settled on a Common Loon.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

White-winged Dove Ludington 9/28/16

  Note: This bird is at a private residence .

   A couple of days ago I was made aware of a White-winged Dove less than 2 miles from my house. The bird has been seen by the homeowner each day since Monday but only for a few minutes each time.  Today I called him and he allowed me to come over and try to photograph the bird.  I arrived at his house around 10 AM and the bird hadn't been seen since 8:30 AM.  As the host was leaving to run some errands I told that I would stay about an hour.

  Right at 11 AM the White-winged Dove showed up in the lower branches of a large maple tree about 20 feet from the deck.  Of course the bird posed with its perch obstructing the prominent diagnostic white leading wing edge.

  After a few minutes the bird flew to a higher vantage point which exposed the white on the wings however the bright background sky made for some drab photos.
   Twenty minutes later it flew down to a lower branch with provided both an unobstructed view and a better background.
  This sighting represents a first for the Mason County list, which is up to 308 species.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Olive-sided Flycatcher 9/8/2016

   Another yard another Olive-sided Flycatcher.  As I stepped out on to the back deck to grill up some lunch, I looked over the house and noticed a flycatcher at the top of an oak in the front yard.  Initially I suspected a Kingbird as it chased insects then returned to the same perch.  I reached back into the house and grabbed a pair of binoculars and realized I had myself a new bird (#105) for the yardlist.  It is only the second Olive-sided Flycatcher that I've ever found (or did it find me).  The first was at my old house when I noticed one on the back wire as I walked through the dining room.

  The one at the old house only stayed a few minutes but yesterday's bird was much more cooperative. It actively hunted down bees (or wasps) and other bugs for about an hour.   

   Its habit of returning to a preferred vantage point made it possible to get some flight shots as I kept the camera trained at an anticipated landed spot.

   A couple of days ago a pair of Red-tailed Hawks sparred over my house.

The dropping of the gloves.

Looks like this just went from a hockey fight to a baseball fight, with no blows landed.

Back to their respective benches.

Friday, August 19, 2016

International Crane Foundation Baraboo Wisconsin

    There are 15 species of cranes in the world and there is only one place where you can see them all, the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo,WI.  For more information and a visitors' guide check out their website  International Crane Foundation
Close up of Black Necked Crane
Grey Crowned Crane

Black Crowned Crane

Blue Crane


Eurasian Crane

Hooded Crane

Sarus Crane

Siberian Crane

Wattled Crane

Whooping Crane