Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Orchard Orioles Return 5/26/2020

      Orchard Orioles stopped by yesterday, nearly two weeks since the previous visit for a couple of days early in the month.  This time it was a pair of males, one adult and one immature.

  The Baltimore Oriole activity has slowed over the past couple of weeks, with only 3 or 4 per day versus the 10 to 20 that had been destroying the oranges that I provided.
  I've been witnessing an apparent dispute among the Eastern Bluebird pair that have been hanging around my yard.  The male seems thrilled with the nestbox that I provided. He keeps going in and out then flying back to the female perched nearby.  The female on the otherhand will only go as far as landing on the box for a few moments before flying away.  I've yet to see her enter. 

Sunday, May 24, 2020

More Warblers and Vireos 5/24/2020

   It took 4 years and 9 months to record 133 bird species at the house we moved out of last fall. Today I reached that total for the new yard just a day short of 6 months since moved in.  The new birds included a pair of Canada Warblers (female shown above).

    A pair of Blue-winged Teals.
Blue-winged Teals with male Wood Duck
    The 132nd bird, a Wilson's Warbler would not sit still for a photo but #133, a Warbling Vireo, momentarily came out from behind the leaves to be documented.
  Yesterday I also added 4....
                          Green Heron
             Pine Siskin
           Red-eyed Vireo
   #129 Eastern Wood Pewee was not captured photographically
    Other birds of interest photographed today were
Male Magnolia Warbler

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Black and White Warbler

Female Magnolia Warbler

Yellow Warbler

Red-headed Woodpecker

Lincoln's Sparrow
   I saw a couple of adult Bald Eagles fly over today but this one was cooperative enough to wait until the clouds and fog dissipated.

Looks like Round Goby is on the menu this evening.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Loggerhead Shrike at Mason County Airport 5/22/2020

   This afternoon Dave Dister called to report that Matt McConnell found a Loggerhead Shrike on the perimeter fence at Mason County Airport.
    The Shrike is the prime suspect in the death of this impaled insect..

Snowy Egret From the Yard. 5/22/2020

    WOW. Didn't have a Snowy Egret on my target list of possible yard birds.  But after work this morning while I was scanning the yard through a slight mist, I noticed a white egret flying out over Lake Michigan.  I initially thought the distant bird was a Great Egret but photos revealed the yellow feet that indicated that it was a Snowy Egret. According to Dave Dister it was only the third Snowy Egret ever recorded in Mason County.

   Also added to the yard list today were...
Northern Parula Warbler (#122)

Spotted Sandpiper (#123)

Black-throated Green Warbler (#124)
    New bird not photographed was a Great-crested Flycatcher.  Yard list is now at 125.

    Other birds of interest were yesterday's new bird American Pelican which were represented with a group of six which passed by on the inland side of the house.
  ...and a Magnolia Warbler

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Got My Yard Pelican 5/21/2020

   Since I moved to the lakeshore I've suspected that one day I'd add an American White Pelican to my yard list.  I came close on Sunday when I was leaving my worksite a mile up the road and noticed a group of 6 Pelicans off shore from the plant.  I quickly drove home, grabbed the camera and raced back to work but the birds had left by the time I returned.  At the time I thought if I had headed to edge of my bluff I may have been able to get a flyby shot as the small flock moved on.
White speck to the left of center is an American White Pelican
   This morning I did some yard birding after work. From the edge of my bluff I noticed a large white bird off shore from my worksite.
Cropped version of previous photo
      After just a few moment the large bird took flight and fortuitously headed my direction.
Yardbird  #120
   Also this morning while birding the street-side of my property I noticed a motionless doe with a distressed look.  I initially thought she might be injured but a view through binoculars revealed the reason(s) for her anxiety. 
Doe with one of her two newborns.
   Red-headed Woodpeckers are being seen daily, usually flying over but this one stopped for a snack.
  A couple of other photogenic birds also posed for portraits.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Summer Tanager 5/19/2020

     I was delayed in finding a voicemail from my doctor because my phone had been on the charger. It was not a typical message from a health care provider, rather he had a Summer Tanager visiting his feeders.  But by the time I found the voicemail and drove to the location, the evening overcast light was fading and I had missed the bird by about 10 minutes.  Luckily the bird stayed overnight and I was able to get some photos this morning. 

  I've added 4 new birds to the yard list since the last post and was able to get photos of each one.

Eastern Kingbird (#115)
Cape May Warbler (#116)
Black-throated Blue Warbler (#117)

Yellow Warbler (#118)

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Spring Migration Peaking. 5/16/2020

Yellow-throated Vireo (#107)
   The southeast winds overnight brought a great variety of migrating birds to my yard.  I ended up with 60 species for the day which included 8 that were new to the yard list. 
Philadelphia Vireo (#108)

Magnolia Warbler (#109)

Chestnut-sided Warbler (#110)

Pine Warbler (#111)

Veery (#112)

Least Flycatcher (#113) - National bird of Chebekistan
  The only new bird that I wasn't able to photograph was a male Scarlet Tanager that flew over while the camera wasn't handy. Regardless the yard list is up to 114.  
 Other birds of interest in the yard this morning.....
Common Yellowthroat

Black and White Warbler

Baltimore Oriole

The Orioles have gone through 8 lbs of oranges in 3 days, seen here at the grape jelly bowl
  Earlier in the week the Blackpoll Warbler below became the 100th species on the yard list

Multiple Catbirds are being seen daily


Indigo Bunting