Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Woodpecker Heptad Complete

    There are seven species of woodpeckers that have been recorded in Mason County.  Up until yesterday I had tallied six of them (Downy, Hairy, Red-bellied, Pileated, Northern Flicker and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker) on my yard list.  The remaining species was the boldly marked Red-headed Woodpecker.

   I suspected one would show up one day because they nest less than 5 miles away at Ludington State Park.  Yesterday the doubly outstanding (outstanding adj def. 1- prominent, conspicuous, striking. def. 2 - remaining to be dealt with) picidae was seen momentarily in one of my oaks.  Unfortunately, by the time I grabbed the camera all I saw was the white wing-patches as it flew toward the next block.
  Today as I got out of my car after a twelve hour shift I heard its hoarse tchur call coming from my neighbor's yard.  As I hurried into the house to get my camera it headed down to one of my suet feeders and I was able to take a few drab, long distance shots to document the visit.

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