Saturday, May 13, 2017

Golden-crowned Sparrow 5/9/2017 Whitefish Point

Seventh State record Golden-crowned Sparrow
     My third attempt over the past six years to see a Golden-crowned Sparrow in Michigan was successful, even though it took two days to cross paths with it.  I had spent about an hour and a half , off and on throughout the day on Monday without any luck.  But early Tuesday morning the target bird showed up after about a ten minute wait.  It ducked in and out of the brush as it warily avoided migrating Sharp-shinned Hawks that passed over.
  It had lots of sparrow company around the feeders behind the Point Gift Shop.



American Tree Sparrow
   The Siskins were fueling up for their trip across the big lake they call Gitche Gumee.

Purple Finch

Ruffed Grouse
    Other migrants passing Whitefish Point include....
Broad-winged Hawks

Common Loon
     Some birds were content to hang around a little longer
Common Loon

Red-necked Grebe

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