Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What the...?

Can you tell what this is?
Hint: it's an eye
 Zoom out a little....
Hint: it's native to planet Earth., despite its otherworldly family name

Yellow face and purple legs

Posed on a Coneflower (not eating because it has no mouth)

Large wings

Body about 2" long

Wingspan about 5"
  It's a female Imperial Moth (Eacles Imperialis) a member of the Saturniidae family of large moths.  Her tattered wings have ended her flying days but she's still laying eggs.
Eggs on a Maple leaf


  1. Don't know why,but I have The latest Brian Jonestown massacre album on,and these pics seem curiously relevant.Mind you I took a Vicodin and a glass of red wine,so that maybe the reason.

  2. About time someone found my photos relevant. All it took was Anton Newcombe and the boys providing a soundtrack.