Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tigers Vs. (Devil) Rays 7/5/2014

Rookie hazing.
  My wife called me from work on Tuesday.  She wanted to see if I could get tickets for Saturday's afternoon Tiger game.  The weather forecast was favorable, the 4 PM start wouldn't interfere with my work schedule and most importantly her favorite pitcher Anibal Sanchez was scheduled to start.  As a favorite pitcher Sanchez is not a bad choice.  He led the American League in ERA last season.  In fact it never went above 3.00.  Despite injuries that caused him to miss most of May this season he was off to a similar start.
 When I loaded my photos onto the computer after the game, I showed my wife the above photo.  The detail that I noticed was that you can see by Sanchez's grip he was throwing a circle change.  What did my wife notice in the photo?  "You can see his long eyelashes"

  Strangely there were no comments about Joba Chamberlain's eyelashes(must have been blocked by his cap).

Austin Jackson taking a big cut

Ian Kinsler turning a double play

Alex Avila looking to Manager Brad Ausmus for answers

That pitch has home run written all over it

J D Martinez with the proper follow through

Congrats from third base coach Dave Clark

Torii Hunter ripping a single

The reaction of the fan behind Avila sums up the game

No 9th inning  heroics from Rajai Davis today as he misses strike three by several inches for the last out of the game
  Despite home runs by Avila and J D Martinez the Tigers lost 7-2.  Sanchez's effectiveness diminished as his pitch count soared and he was ultimately outpitched by Chris Archer.


  1. What does the Missus think of Lionel Messi's eyelashes? Which,incidently is the Sport you should be watching right now....

  2. Is that the sport with all the excitment of watching a marathon, where the ball could vanish into thin air and it would be ten minutes before all the players realized it?