Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Return of the Falcon

   The young Peregrine Falcon, whose maiden flight ended unceremoniously in a dumpster, was returned to his home by Raptor Rehabilitator Dave Hogan with assistance from fellow falconer Mark Tomich.
Booger Jr. backed into a corner

Dave Hogan preparing the release

Surveying the outside world.

It's great to be home.

But it would be greater to get an aerial view.

He's got the flying part mastered

Landing is a different story.

Showing his band. E/07 black/red
  Interestingly I was able to get a photo of the fledgling's band on it's first flight, while it took me four years to get the ID off of his Dad's band.
Angry Dad
    Speaking of Dad falcon, he gave a less than warm welcome to Junior, as he dove past the young bird in an aggressive manner several times.  The returnee ended up successfully landing on the deck of the watertower and Mom soon landed on a rail nearby to offer her protection.
Dad's band 51/B black/red
  Dad's ID band, 51/B black/red, when run through the Midwest Peregrine Database indicates he was born at the University of Toledo in 2009.  Every parent wants a better life for their offspring, that must be why 51/B and his mate 02/Y from Dayton, OH came to Michigan.


  1. Great post, Mark! Wonderful story and photos!

  2. Thanks. Hopefully the father will warm up to the fledgling, before the training period ends.