Monday, April 16, 2018

Wintry Weekend 4/15/2018

    From my house on August 26 the Sun reaches a peak altitude of 56 degrees above the horizon, which almost invariably results in a warm to hot late summer day.  Yesterday the Sun reached that same elevation for the first time since last summer and the result was nowhere near warm to hot.  What occurred was a heavy overcast day where the high temperature struggled to break past the freezing point and was accompanied by 3 inches of sleet.  In could have been inch of freezing rain had been predicted with along with 30 mph winds would have led to power outages in my area.

  The sleet is much more difficult than snow to dig through as the birds search for edible morsels.  This led to a increase of activity in and under my feeders.  The top photo shows the first of the year Fox Sparrow to visit my yard.


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