Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ludington Harbor South Breakwater 10/18/15

  Early this afternoon I ventured out to the south breakwater of Ludington Harbor.  On the walk to the end of the pier I only saw 7 birds on the pier itself, all Lapland Longspurs.
Lapland Longspur

First winter Lapland Longspur

  When I got to the end of the pier I scanned Lake Michigan and found a single Long-tailed Duck.
Long-tailed Duck
    A few minutes later I noticed a flock of 11 White-winged Scoters
White-winged Scoters
   Heading back in from the end of the pier I came across a Snow Bunting.
Snow Bunting
   Below is a Great Blue Heron taking on a good sized meal.
Catch of the day

Taking it to a more suitable location

Does this Carp make my neck look fat?


  1. Something tells me its gonna be a cold winter...

  2. The NWS is predicting above normal temps and below normal precip for my area, but no one told the birds. There are Snowy Owls in U P already.