Monday, March 31, 2014

Thanks Obama

  This morning I spent about an hour watching a trickle of migrating birds in the skies over my yard.  At one point I spotted some distant Sandhill Cranes (new yard bird,  #138) heading north on a path that probably wouldn't have brought them within a half a block of my house.  Also in the distance I heard the rumble of a helicopter in the direction the cranes were headed.  The cranes must have heard it also because they made a left turn and flew right over my house.     

  It wasn't just any helicopter......

 It was Marine One carrying President Obama to Ann Arbor.

Thanks, Obama

      Below is the last photo I took before I photographed the president chopper.  It was the first time I ever saw Leo on the roof and the first time I purposely took a patriotic photo of a cat.  
My own rooftop security
    By the way,  I didn't realize it was Marine One until I downloaded the photos into my computer 4 hours later.   Before you ask, the president wasn't flying over to see if he should declare my yard a disaster zone. My neighbors already have.

   This isn't my first encounter with the president.  Back a few weeks ago when my blog pageview counter hit 20,000 he dropped me a congratulatory note.....Congrats! 20,000 visitors! How did you prevent the website from crashing?-B. Obama.


  Other dignitaries also sent their well-wishes.  Here are a few.
George W. Bush - Thanks for showing the human being and birds can coexist peacefully. 
Gerald R, Ford - Not at my airport they can't.
Vladimir Putin -I read blog with shirt off
   Thanks gentlemen and Mr. Putin.  I assure you I'm fully clothed when I write these posts   


  1. Leonard looks so handsome. And the Vladimir Putin comment made me laugh out loud. - Hannah

  2. Too bad Leo's heart more closely resembles Putin's.