Thursday, March 13, 2014

Detroit River Red-necked Grebes and White-winged Scoters

       This afternoon at Dingell Park in Ecorse there were 15 Bald Eagles on the north side of Mud Island.  There were another seven on an ice flow south of the island.

 Although what I was really after was a Red-necked Grebe that Jerry Jourdan and Andy Dettling reported on Tuesday. I parked on West Jefferson and scaled the snowbank and walked to an area where I could scan the river south of Mud Island.   I initially spotted a Horned Grebe that caught a small Perch. I watched it dive and resurface as it rode the current down the river.

   Suddenly out of nowhere the coveted Red-necked Grebe popped up right in front of me.  It must have been right against the breakwall and out of my field of view as I stood just three feet from the rail.

Riding a wave with propellers almost out of the water 

     I later headed to Bishop Park in Wyandotte and relocated the flock of White-winged Scoters that Andy found at Dingell and Jerry observed from the Wyandotte Municipal Boat Launch yesterday afternoon.

Red-necked Grebe among Scoter raft
 In single digit temperatures this morning I searched for Red-necked Grebes at the powerplant in Erie, but all I found was a Horned Grebe.

  This Song Sparrow was feeding along the shoreline waiting for spring to arrive.

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