Friday, March 14, 2014

Ross's Goose and Trumpeter Swans, Monroe County 3/14/2014

     A morning walk along the Lake Erie shore, south of Erie Rd., took an unexpected turn when a flock of Canada Geese flew by led by a Ross's Goose.

Following the Ross's

Composite of Ross's Goose
  A search of the Michigan Audubon's Bird Records Committee Searchable Database,  Michigan Audubon Ross's Goose Records  shows only 90 Ross's Goose records for the state through September 2012, with just three of those occuring in Monroe County.
  A few minutes later when the hundreds of Canada Geese started to clamor and take flight off of the lake, I heard the bugling of Trumpeter Swans.  I scanned the airborne birds but found the Trumpeters still on the water.

Horned Grebe with breakfast

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