Sunday, September 22, 2013

Snowy Egret still hanging around

   One of the Snowy Egrets that showed up at my workplace in Erie, MI, in August is still hanging around.  

Perched next to Great Egret for convenient comparison.

Wilson's Warbler

A portion of a flock of Cormorants that totaled 390.

   Then I headed to the Point Mouillee Headquarters to see if favorable winds would bring a sizable late Broadwing flight. 

   As soon as I got out of car a kettle of 30 birds flew over.

  Then a another small mixed kettle  of Broadwings and Turkey Vultures

  That was the highlight of raptor migration for the day, as the next three and half hours yielded only scattered distant birds. 

  Another photo of interest.
Belted Kingfisher

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