Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sleep is for Quitters

   I have a hard time understanding how some people (just about everyone) use their day off as an opportunity to sleep in.  If you live in southeast Michigan and you chose to sleep in this morning, you missed a spectacularly fiery dawn that cast an orange-pink hue to everything.  I got home from work last night after midnight and didn't get to bed until 1 AM, but was rewarded for dragging myself out of bed before 6 with not just being able to witness the beautiful sky shown below, but I ALSO ADDED TWO  NEW YARDBIRDS.  As I was photographing the clouds I heard an Eastern Screech Owl(#134) doing what Cornell University's website calls a 'Monotonic Trill'.  I was not able to locate the bird. 
   After the sun came up, the sky completely clouded over and the colors faded to gray.  At 830, as I was moving things into the house to avoid the impending rain, I noticed a bird fly from across the street do a U-turn over my front yard and head back south.  The long-tailed, slender bird with white wing patches was a Northern Mockingbird. (#135).    It's kind of funny (and prophetic) that last month when my friend, digiscoping expert Jerry Jourdan, reported a Mockingbird behind a grocery store in my neighborhood he predicted "It'll will probably end up in  Wloch's yard".  It may have taken a month but like tornadoes to a trailer park cool birds inexplicably keep finding my yard.

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  1. Mark, I was walking into Kroger yesterday morning and commenting just how beautiful the sky was, and the woman walking out overhead and said that I was reading her mind. Great sunrise! Glad you caught it on film.