Monday, September 2, 2013

Big Starry Sky Country

  Day 1 :  Saw 1 bird in North Dakota.

Lark Sparrow

  Then a herd of horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  Sadly we passed by this group about 10 minutes later and the young brown horse on the left side of the photo was laying flat on the ground as the others stood over it.

  A pronghorn greeted us at our rental on day 1 in Montana.

    Big Sky Country became Big Starry Sky Country when the Sun went down.  This photo shows the center of our Milky Way Galaxy in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius.  The dark parts are clouds of dust and gas veiling the galaxy's core.

The second photo show the view overhead of the Cygnus-Orion Arm of our spiral Galaxy. Our solar system lies on the outskirts of this arm.

  Next photo is of the far regions of the Cygnus-Orion Arm, away from the core of the galaxy,  with the Andromeda Galaxy on the right side of the photo.

  The Andromeda Galaxy is comparable in size to our Galaxy.


  1. Boy oh boy - those star shots are slick! When you get a minute, please describe your set-up and settings. :)

  2. Sorry about North Dakota,thats the last time I recommend anywhere!!