Saturday, November 3, 2012

Good Hawk Day

  After a busy morning I paid a visit to the Hawk Watch at Lake Erie Metropark (LEMP).  As I arrived I was greeted with reports of how great the morning had been with Golden Eagles, Rough-Legged Hawks, Red-Shouldered Hawks and many Red-tailed Hawks all making appearance.  The clear skies that dominated in the morning gave way to mostly cloudy skies that I was accused of bringing.   In the three hours that I was there I saw quite a few birds but not the coveted Goldens or Roughies. 
Young Red-Tailed
Comparison of Red-tailed (left)  and Red-shouldered (right)
Young Red-Shouldered
   Among the many Red-tailed that I saw was a rare Dark-morph pictured below
Heavily cropped photo showing Dark-morph Red-tailed Hawk

   As the cloud cover thickened around 4pm I pointed to the broken clouds to the northwest and joked to Pat Mulawa and Greg Smith "Looks like it's sunny at my house".  Since the hawk activity had died down I headed home and was indeed met with blue skies above my neighborhood.  Not only that but at 5:10 pm I had this bird fly over the yard.

Rough-legged Hawk
  It was the the first Roughie I have seen this fall and only the second one I've ever seen from my yard.

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