Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yellowstone Continued

Grand Prismatic Spring viewed from Grand Asthmatic Trail

        The wildfire that started in Pine Creek, MT on Wednesday August 29 continues until the time of this posting.  As of Saturday evening it had burned 12,000 acres and was 30% contained.  The two photos below show the burning hillside on Thursday morning.
Pine Creek Fire

Pine Creek Fire Close up

   Our stay at the Centennial Inn was cut short by a night as we took off for a place less at risk after the wind shifted and the heat from the fire could be felt from a couple of miles away. 

Centennial Inn Livingston

Below are some random photos that summarize the sights seen the past seven days.      
Abstract of Insects on Glass
50 million yr old petrified tree
Pronghorn trotting
Bedstraw Hawk Moth Larva
Moonset over Yellowstone River
Moonset Elk at ISO 10,000
Mountain Bluebird
Old Faithful Inn
Thermophiles at the edge of a hot spring
Bull Elk crossing road
Different Elk
Actual Wolf that can almost be made out in inset
Pelicans group feeding
Pelican throwing back a cold one
Roadside Bison
Bison sparring
Osprey over Yellowstone River

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