Monday, September 10, 2012

Unrelated Thoughts (with gratuitous bird photo)

Cape May Warbler  in a demure pose
  Leading it off with a photo of a Cape May Warbler that has been visiting the Mostly Birds (but not always) home office the past three days.  The lawyers have made it clear this blog must contain more bird content if it is to retain the rights to its name.

  Spent an unintended extra four hours at the Mostly Birds (but not always) after hours headquarters this morning, which ate directly into planned birding time.   On my way home I did manage to make a cameo appearance at the Lake Erie Metropark Hawkwatch, to renew some acquaintances.  Caught up with Greg, Pat and John.  While there I was able to find the planet Venus shining in the midday sky.  Greg was able to find it quickly after I gave him a reference point and talk turned to weather balloons.  I told him that I saw my first one last summer and didn't know what it was.  A couple of weeks later I saw another and was able to get a couple of photos of it and could actually see the line connecting the balloon to its instruments.  Wouldn't you know it when I woke up this evening  I went out in the yard and spotted my third ever weather balloon.

Weather Balloon


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