Friday, September 28, 2012

Hawk Watch 9/28/12

    Perfect weather conditions for hawk migraton at Lake Erie Metropark (LEMP) today, produced a good mix of birds if not great numbers of hawks.
Red-Tailed Hawk

Northern Harrier

Solitary Sandpipers

  Over 30,000  Blue Jays were recorded for the day.
One of 30,000 Blue Jays
Sharp-Shinned Hawk

   A couple of times each season hawkwatchers are treated to a little aerial sparring between Bald Eagles.  These altercations usually take place at a pretty high altitude, so it's tough to get decent shots of them.
Immature Bald Eagle

Two immature Bald Eagles (upper bird probably a 4 yr old)

Younger bird claiming its airspace

Sparring continues

Older bird in an upside-down defensive posture

Interaction went on for at least two minutes
  Light  north winds are forecast for Saturday Sept. 29th so there will potentially be more photo ops
to be had.

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