Friday, May 28, 2021

Pelicans at PM Marsh 5/26-27/ 2021

   Around 4 PM on Wednesday, Brian Brosky found 18 American White Pelicans at the Pere Marquette Marsh on Business US-31 just south of Ludington.  I got there as quick as I could and saw that they were scattered in a couple of groups quite a distance from the road.  Although the lighting was just about perfect, the photos were less than ideal because of the distance and the distortion of the heat from the sundrenched surfaces.  

  Passing by PM Marsh on Thursday after unsuccessfully chasing a Glossy Ibis at Freeman Marsh, I noticed that the Pelicans were back. This time 6 were much closer to the road and the thick cloud cover with temperatures in the upper 40's minimized the heat distortion that I dealt with the day before.

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