Monday, July 9, 2018

Willets at Ludington Harbor 7/9/2018

   Dave Dister left a voicemail late this morning about 7 Willets he had seen on the South Breakwater of Ludington Harbor.  I made it out there within the hour and found them still hanging together but moving occasionally to avoid the light pedestrian traffic.

   Bonus Bird - Piping Plover.  It was the first one that I have seen in Ludington this year.

   The leg bands show that this bird is not one of the breeding pair that nested on Stearns Beach in 2016.

 It has been over a month since my last post in part because of the loss of my best friend back in the first week of June,  After a brief illness my 13 year old dog Roscoe died.  He had found his way into a number of posts on this bird blog here is a link to those posts....Roscoe

  He was valedictorian of the PetSmart Obedience School Class of 2005.

  He was good friends with and watched over two of our cats Comet and.....

 ….the late Leo

even when Leo wasn't so friendly.
   He was never one to back away from a threat
Ended in a draw
This confrontation ended differently as he stole the turkey sandwich and eventually ended up humping his opponent. 

   He never quite got the hang of an Easter Egg Hunt.
 He got into his share of trouble.  After initially denying involvement in Curious George's demise.

   He had a hard time explaining his new wardrobe.
  He frequently displayed his athletic abilities

He was the Eric Ebron of Dog Frisbee

But the Barry Sanders of DFL


  1. Condolences on your loss, Mark. We love our fur-babies and it hurts to lose them.

  2. Natalie and I both sad to hear about Roscoe's passing. I, for one, very much enjoyed reading about his antics and successes. Losing a pet can be hard. Hang in there.

  3. I am very sorry about your loss of your dear friend. We form such deep soul connections with our fur kids...I know it hurts to lose them. Thank you for sharing the pics and stories, I have enjoyed his antics, and thank you both for the smiles! You are blessed to have such good memories!

  4. Hi Mark, so sorry to hear about your family's loss of Roscoe. I know how it feels. Thanks for sharing such a nice photo memorial. As good as your bird photos.