Friday, March 2, 2018

Roadkill? Not So Fast


      As I was leaving work this morning, I pulled out of the compound right behind one of the midnight-shift security guards.  As we got about a mile down the road, I saw something glance off of the guard's car and land on the edge of the road.  I suspected that it was a bird so I turned around to check on it.  What I found was an Eastern Screech Owl lying motionless with one of its wings outstretched and eyes barely open.
   I picked up the dazed bird and put it in my car with plans to take it to a rehabber if it survived.  When I got home I placed it in an aquarium with a shallow bowl of water.  Within minutes it was reviving and splashing the water all over itself and the aquarium.  When it became apparent that its wings were fine I took it outside and placed it in one of my spruce trees.  I took a couple of photos and promptly texted them to a friend and my daughters.  By the time I sent the texts I looked up and it was gone.  
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   For some reason my friend suggested I name it Sarah Huckabilly.  I thought it resembled a couple of other pop culture icons.

You should shee the other guy

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