Friday, January 12, 2018

Pine Siskins Invasion 1/12/2018

   In mid-December I noticed the first Pine Siskin of the winter at one of my feeders.  Since then I've seen them nearly everyday  Up until last Friday when I saw 16 of them, my high count for the season had been 6.  Then Thursday of this week when 50 degree temperatures melted most of the snow, the number of Pine Siskins surged to 55.  Then Friday the temperatures cooled back into the teens but the Siskins kept on coming.  The most that I was able to count by scanning with binoculars was 110.

  With the camera however I was able to get a wide angle shot from which I was able to get a count of  165 Pine Siskins as well as 77 Goldfinches.  To ensure that I didn't double count, once I downloaded the photo I marked each Siskin with a green dot and the Goldfinches with a yellow dot.
Crop of the Wide Angle shot from which the count was made.
  Shortly thereafter I took a series of 5 slightly telephoto shots that revealed a similar count of 162 Siskins and 82 Goldfinches,

   Also on Friday I had a single female Purple Finch visit the birdbath but not the feeders.

   Back on Monday the sun came out for the first time in weeks and provided decent lighting for a Common Redpoll

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