Saturday, January 13, 2018

Have you seen this Bird?

Police sketch of the abduction suspect
  This afternoon while I was texting a family member from the computer room/office that overlooks my front yard, I saw the Goldfinches and Pine Siskins scatter from their positions at the birdfeeders.  One of the Goldfinches glanced off the window less than two feet in front of me.  In a panic it fluttered its wings while it tried to land on the 3/4" wide window ledge.  Before it could get its balance a Sharp-shinned Hawk swooped in and abruptly changed both of their lunch plans. The speed and accuracy of the abduction maneuver was amazing. and the fact that it happened just inches from my face left me repeating Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! as I grabbed my camera and boots and ran out the front door to try to get some photos.  No such luck as the midday meal was taken to a secluded location. 
    Must not be much meat on a goldfinch because 2 hours later the suspected perp flew by with a Junco.


  1. Nice blog entry Mark. Did you do the "police sketch?"

    1. Did you give credit to the artist?