Sunday, November 12, 2017

Second Snowy Owl

   I stopped by my work on my day off to see if the Snowy Owl found there last week was still present.  It was and it brought a friend, a second Snowy.  Only one bird was close enough to photograph.
   Also present in the reservoir were a Pied-billed and Horned Grebe.
   The Snowy Owl stood its ground with an angry Crow, until the corvid realized that the Owl wasn't fazed.
  The owl stood by as I was heading down back ramp, which allowed me to increase the distance between us and still face her head on.

     On the lower reservoir road a handful of bucks contemplated a rearranging of the accepted hierarchy. 
10-pt Buck- " I'm going to let that guy know what I think of him......"

".....Maybe tomorrow".

Next up the buck who looks like he got his rack at the factory seconds outlet. 

He better walk before he makes him run.

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