Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Yard Bird #100 is......Blurry and Poorly Exposed

Purple Finches

     Today I added a new bird to the yardlist, #100, and its a PEREGRINE FALCON.  
Epic Milestone Bird (less than epic photo)

   The Peregrine was part of a trickle of migrating raptors that included, 5 Broad-winged Hawks, 
Broad-winged Hawk
 a Merlin
   a couple of adult Bald Eagles and 6 Turkey Vultures,
Sandhill Cranes
  Earlier in the morning the deep overcast didn't ruin the photos taken closer to the ground.
Female Purple Finches

Northern Flicker

  On the weekend the lighting was better.
Pair of Chipping Sparrows

Turkey Vulture checking on my health

American Tree Sparrow still lingering

Pileated Woodpecker
   Over the weekend the following two birds set the table for the Peregrine to be species #100 on the list.
Common Loon (#98)

Bonaparte's Gull (#99)
Brown Thrasher returned on Monday.

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