Monday, April 25, 2016

WHOOP, There it is.

  Just inside Ludington State Park while walking the banks of the Big Sable River this morning, my wife and I heard some Sandhill Cranes flyover.  A glance upward revealed much more and I blurted out  "There's a white one".  From where we were standing the cranes were quickly blocked by some small trees.  After a few frantic seconds trying to get a clear shot at the Whooping Crane, the quintet turned around which allowed me to fire off 30 photos before they continued northward.

  I'm pretty certain I'm able to ID this individual by her leg bands.  The right leg bands are Red over White.
The left leg bands are Green over White
  Here is a link to its 2015 yearbook page....Crane # 65-15 DAR  Info at that site reveals that the bird was banded on October 21 of last year.  Coincidentally just this morning my youngest daughter texted me a photo of a screengrab of an Earth Day news report about Whooping Cranes from Madison Wisconsin's WMTV.  I know one of the people in the video at the 46 through 50 second mark. Here is a youtube video of the news story......


  1. Thanks, it was touch and go there whether I would get any shots at all. Luckily they turned back toward me and cleared the treeline.

  2. I'm afraid you have exceeded your quota of neat birds. Time to stop and take up a new hobby. Basket weaving perhaps...? ;)