Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Snow Geese (Blue Morphs) 3/15/16

   Early this afternoon Dave Dister called to alert me to 5 Snow Geese in Freesoil, Mason County.  I made it out there about a half hour later and was able to get some long distance photos of it.

   Out on my deck this caterpillar kind of caught me off guard as it crawled across the top of my grill.
Any idea which species? (editor's note With help from Dave Dister the caterpillar is identified as   Haploa Contigua...The Neighbor Moth Larva)

    When I had the Tundra Swan migration pass over my house on Sunday I couldn't help but wonder where they were coming from and where they were heading in such a deliberate manner.  My immediate thought about their port of departure was that it was somewhere on Lower Lake Huron.  A check of ebird's species map showed that at least 4000 were seen on Saturday on the extreme southern portion of Saginaw Bay. On Sunday only a few dozen were reported in that same area.
   To find out where they might have touched down, I checked ebirds Wisconsin reports to see if great numbers made their way onto anyone's checklist.  Sadly no such reports made it to ebird.  Not to be deterred I checked the Wisconsin birding listserve and....JACKPOT.  It seems that a birder in Shiocton, Wisconsin found thousands of them on Sunday afternoon in a field with more flocks still pouring in.  I can't say for sure that they were some of the same swans that I saw but as the map below shows, Saginaw Bay to Ludington to Shiocton is pretty damn near a straight-line.

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