Monday, March 7, 2016

Hawks from the Deck, and Yardbird #91

Red-Shouldered Hawk

  Early this afternoon I stepped out onto the deck to see what the snow melting winds blew in.  Almost immediately a migrating Red-tailed Hawk flew overhead.

Followed quickly by my first of the year Turkey Vulture.
   But the stars of the afternoon were three beautiful Red-shouldered Hawks.  One was heard calling from the same direction I had heard them calling from spring through fall last year.  Eventually it flew over the wooded lot next door.  The trees prevented my from getting any shots of it.  A while later as I was filling a feeder I heard two more Red-shoulders coming from the south and about to emerge from the trees to the south.

  Besides all the raptor activity I added species #91 to the yardlist as a pair of House Finches landed almost too close for my 500mm lens to focus on them.

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