Sunday, November 23, 2014

An ISO 2000 Weekend

   The Sun made a brief appearance on Friday but the ever present winds kept Lake Michigan in an angry mood.  Walking the south pier at Ludington Harbor was out of the question with waves washing over it all weekend.

 Sitting on a bench was not an option either.
Saturday saw the start of a warm spell at Ludington Harbor
    The north pier was navigable on Saturday that is if you didn't mind the sheet of ice covering the first 50 feet of it.  From the pier I was able to get a good view of some Horned Grebes.
Horned Grebe
  Out near the Lighthouse I saw a dark duck riding the waves.  Turned out to be a female Black Scoter.
Female Black Scoter

Lingering Cormorants
   Pine Siskins have taken over the yard of the house I'm renting, with a flock of 40 monopolizing the feeders,

It's not your turn.

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