Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lunar Eclipse 10/8/2014

   Left for work over an hour early to try to photograph the lunar eclipse.  Took the first photo as I was loading up the car, before the eclipse started.
5:06 AM
  The first place I looked to set the photo gear was a lakeside park on the shore of America's Great Lake, but 30 mph winds had the beach sand blowing and drifting across the parking lot.  Plan B was to set up a little closer to work, a decision that cost me photos of the beginning of the eclipse, but allowed me to get the more important totality shots right up to the time I needed to be through the gate.
5:32 AM

5:50 AM

6:08 AM

6:10 AM

6:29 AM
  An added bonus to this lunar show was that the planet Uranus was just over a half of a degree from the Moon at the time it was immersed in the Earth's shadow.  It was the first time I was able to photograph the 7th planet from the Sun.  Insert your own middle school joke here.....

   Earlier in the week I took some practice sunset shots for the partial solar eclipse coming up on the 23rd.
leaning light

cropped image


  1. It was nice to see Uranus in the photo...

  2. Though you can't tell from the photograph, Uranus is much larger than the Moon.

  3. I never realized how Large Uranus is..........(come on!!!)

    1. Most people who have seen Uranus are awestruck by its blue-green hue.

    2. Since I have never seen Uranus,I didn't realize it was that colourful