Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pt. Mouillee Snowy Owl

    Yesterday Andrew Sturgess found a remarkable 5 Snowy Owls in the southeast section of Pt. Mouillee.  Later in the day Jerry Jourdan refound 2 of them.  This afternoon, the pleasant weather inspired me to take drive out there and try to find them.
     I found one of the Snowies on the north side of the dike leading from Sigler Rd.  It was about halfway past the start of the Long Pond Unit.  I was really fortunate to find the bird considering I forgot the numbering system of the outer cells is south to north.  As it turned out I was about as far as I could get from the area where Andrew and Jerry had their observations.

  I also saw a Caspian Tern on my way back in.

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