Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mostly Work (but not always)

     Here are some  birds I've been able to photograph after work in the past few days.  Most were taken at my work site, others were taken on my way home from work.

Female Common Goldeneye

Female Common Merganser

Tree Sparrow

Not at work

Different faces

Wounded Eye

Horned Grebe at work


  By now everyone has heard about the devastating two-inch snowfall that created gridlock in Atlanta last week.  In neighboring Alabama the storm was equally intense.  Here at Mostly Birds (but not always) we are fortunate to have access to a free-lance correspondent in Auburn, Alabama,  who was able to send some photos of the disaster.  WARNING: These photos are tough to look at.  But you have to see it to believe it.
  As I understand it Auburn University courageously reopened just 3 days after the storm (and there wasn't even a football game), clearly a symbolic gesture as the roads were still impassible (as shown in the lower photo).  
Snow covering the roots of full-sized trees

Sure you can clear your driveway , but then what?
    The storm's impact has been blamed on......1) The National Weather Service even though the storm delivered exactly what was predicted. and 2) Lack of leadership of State and Local Governments whose members, for the most part, were elected for promising to cut government.  There are no easy answers here, to the magic Yankee dust that pulls your car off the road.


  1. Mighty fine photos, Mark! As for the folks in Alabama, I'm crying in my beer.......

  2. Thanks,Dave. I was able to take advantage of one of the few clear mornings this winter where the temperatures remained above 0°F

  3. Thanks, Paul. I know what you mean, I tear up too when I laugh uncontrollably