Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pt. Mouillee Raptors

Rough-legged Hawk

        After this morning's post with the bad Merlin photos, I felt I needed to redeem myself photographically.  I headed to the Antennae Farm area including the Robert's Rd. entrance to Pt. Mouillee SGA.  Within the fence at the Farm I saw a male Northern Harrier but it was too distant for a decent photo (I know it didn't stop me with the Merlin this morning)..  Not much else was going on there.
    Down Reaume Rd. past the quarry entrance I saw an immature Bald Eagle, about 20 feet off the ground, that appeared to riding thermals  coming up out of the quarry.  It dropped below the rim of the quarry before I could stop and take photos.  Just past the turn onto Roberts Rd.  I saw another immature Eagle perched in a tree.

   Then a saw a pair of American Kestrels in trees along the side of the road about a quarter of a mile apart.
Male American Kestrel

Female Kestrel

   As I took some shots of the distant female Kestrel, I saw a shadow cross over the road.  I thought it might be another eagle, but when I looked out the driver side window I saw this Rough-legged Hawk.  He circled around a couple of times gaining altitude and becoming more distant.
Checking out my camera

   Other raptors seen but not photographed were a Cooper's Hawk, a Red-tailed Hawk and a female Northern Harrier.


  1. Your Rough-legged Hawk photos are excellent. Very well done!

    1. Thanks, I was fortunate that it flew in the direction of good lighting, while still relatively close.