Sunday, January 19, 2014

Limited Snowy Owl Hunt, Grand Rapids, Michigan

    The Gerald R. Ford Airport Authority is holding a limited Snowy Owl Hunt.  Participants will exclusively be Airport Security Personnel and the hunt will be limited to the number of Snowies that mistakenly confuse the Grand Rapids, Michigan airport for their natural tundra habitat.  So far the total is 9.
   Other major airports such as Detroit Metropolitan, Boston Logan along with Cleveland's Burke Lakefront and Hopkins Airports all deal with Snowy Owl situations without exterminating them.  Below is a link to a change(dot)org petition, initiated by Kim Smith, to persuade GRF Airport to find another solution.


  1. Mark, thank you for sharing the information about my petition. We've obtained over 1,800 signatures so far, and have enlisted the help of the American Bird Conservancy and the Black Swamp Bird Observatory. I'm confident that our petition is going to help them convince the airport to trap-and-relocate the owls instead of killing them.
    Kim Smith

  2. Hey, no problem. I figure I can get the word out to some folks through my blog, since I don't have a Facebook™ account.