Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why don't we talk anymore?

    On the weekend of May 17-19 my family traveled to Bloomington, IN to attend the wedding of my oldest nephew and his lovely bride.  By family I mean humans only.  Our three cats had the house to themselves and Roscoe spent the weekend in dog jail.  He was boarded at a kennel where I'm sure he was treated kindly but it was the first time in his 8 years that he spent extended time with non-relatives.
   When we stopped for lunch on the trip down there,  my daughter Hannah said she felt bad about leaving him for the weekend.  I felt terrible that I didn't feel bad at all about dropping him off at the kennel.
    I expected him to be ecstatic when I picked him up that Monday because he drives my wife crazy if I'm late coming home from work.  Alas while I spent the weekend celebrating, Roscoe spent the weekend reevaluating our relationship.   I thought I would be greeted as a liberator(wrong), instead he acted like it was my testimony that put him behind bars(correct).  He would not make eye contact with me.  He just stared at the door and he pulled the leash taut, as he dragged me to the car.
   On the surface he appeared to have emerged unscathed but his barker and whiner were out of service for a couple days after he got home. 
   This whole story has been a lead-in for a six-second video that Hannah shot six years ago.  I came across it yesterday as I was transferring 10 years of digital images stored on  2003-state-of-the-art archival medium (CD-Rs) to a 1tb external hard drive.
   If you could teach your dog to say one word what would it be?
this video is a windows media file and may not play on all devices, if it doesn't play try the link below.
  Talking Dog Video

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