Saturday, July 27, 2013

Waiting out the Summer Doldrums

  My loyal following (no one) has been asking for new material since my two most recent posts were rehashed old files from my preblogging days.  Been working almost every day in June and July and not a lot of bird activity around.  Here are a few photos I've taken in the past 5 weeks.
  The first three were taken at the Antenna Farm on Haggerman Rd.

American Goldfinch

Savannah Sparrow
Back in the spring I was driving home from work on West Jefferson south of Vreeland and spotted an Osprey flying over the road carrying a stick.   I looked up and saw that it was headed to the top of a cellphone tower where it had started building a nest.  The next day I was going to pull over and take some photos but a strong overnight storm had blown away the sticks that were there the day before.  Since then the Ospreys reconstructed the nest and appear to have successfully raised a brood.  Late in June I stopped and took a couple of bad photos in poor lighting.

  For a few days around the Fourth of July I saw a leucistic Robin hanging around in front of my neighbor's house.

    Someone in my house keeps letting my cats out during the day.  Last week they appeared to have set up a speed trap for any lead-footed mouse that tried to cross Shed Path Boulevard.

Photographed  a couple of birds after work on Friday morning this week.

Spotted Sandpiper

(un)Spotted Sandpiper

Green Heron


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