Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yard Update May 17-27

  On May 17th I posted about a Pine Siskin defending my feeder from a group of House Sparrows.  Also in my yard that morning I  photographed the female Black-throated Blue Warbler and Blue-headed Vireo pictured below. 

Female Black-throated Blue Warbler

Blue-headed Vireo

   The Black-throated Blue was the first warbler in my yard this month and the Blue-headed Vireo was a new bird for my yard list #130.  The same day I added an Eastern Kingbird (#131) to the list.

  Fast-forward to Saturday the 25th a chilly 35 F morning and I had this Hummingbird trying to stay warm by fluffing up her feathers.   A rather late Common Loon also flew over.

Fat Hummingbird

Common Loon

The thermometer said 35 F, the strawberry plant wanted a recount.

  Another Warbler and Vireo showed up on Monday the 27th.

Magnolia Warbler

Red-eyed Vireo

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