Thursday, December 13, 2012

CBC Reconnaissance

 The 2012 Monroe, MI  Christmas Bird Count (CBC) will take place this Sunday December 16.  Christmas Bird Counts have been an annual event since Christmas 1900.  It replaced the traditional annual Christmas Bird Shoot because of legislation pushed through during a literal lame duck session(independent verification needed). 
  Work obligations will prevent my participation in the CBC this year but this morning I did a little bit of advance scouting of one of the covered sites in the 15-mile diameter count circle.   No rarities but here are a few photos I took.

Great Blue Heron......not as warm as it looks
Ring-billed Gulls.......not as cold as it looks
Herring Gull

American Goldfinch

Canada Goose
Golden-Crowned Kinglet
     The best photo opportunity of the morning came from this cooperative 4 year old Bald Eagle. It zigzagged toward me until it passed almost directly overhead.  All the while attempting to keep its sunlit face toward the camera.  



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