Thursday, October 25, 2012

This Week in Backyard Birds

White-throated Sparrow

  Every year an average of over 900 Red-shouldered Hawks pass over Lake Erie Metropark (LEMP)  during the September through November hawkwatch.  So it isn't too much to expect one to cross over from Ontario a few miles north of LEMP and get added to my yardlist.  After moving up to top of my most wanted/expected yardbird list,  I finally got one to fly over the yard on Saturday October 20 and was able to get an acceptable photo considering the heavy overcast conditions.  It became bird 121 on the backyard list.  I planned on blogging about it over the weekend but didn't have time.  In the planned post I intended to put on notice any Sandhill Crane or Rusty Blackbird that may read my blog that they just moved up on my most wanted/expected yardbird list.   Palm Warbler if you're out there you seem to have escaped me this year but I'll be looking for you in the spring.
Adult Red-Shouldered Hawk

   Well the Rusty Blackbird must have heard and just about turned itself in to authorities, so to speak, the next day when a flock of Blackbirds flew over and I grabbed the camera instead of the binoculars and captured the following photo.
Two of these birds are not like the others
The two boxed in birds are Rusty Blackbirds in a flock of female Red-winged Blackbirds
Cropped version of previous photo showing two Rustys with a R-W Blackbird for comparison
    The yardlist now stands at 122.

   Here are some other birds that flew over my yard during the past week 

Family of Mute Swans
Flocks of Robins have been flying by every day
Late migrating Chimney Swift
Cooper's Hawk checking out my camera

Blue Jay passing through

Airbus 380?

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