Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rehabbed Peregrine Release

  One of the two surviving Peregrine Falcon chicks from the Mostly Birds (but not always) afterhours headquarters was reunited with its parents today. It had been under the care of raptor rehabilitator Dave Hogan since around June 9.  That day the bird either fell or was overconfident in its flying abilities and ended up in a parking lot unable to take to the air.  As the daylight waned and the nocturnal predators started to stir,  the uninjured bird  was spotted by a utility worker on a smoking break(crank up the Philip Morris PR machine "Smoking saves a life" ) .  After a few phone calls the uninjured bird was collected by folks from Wings Paws & Prayers Wildlife Rehabilitation.

Dave Hogan coaxing the fledgling from the open cage
First flight
Mom bird watching from a favorite perch
Mother and Fledgling reunited,
  Chris Becher , South Eastern Michigan Peregrine Coordinator and volunteer Barb Baldinger were on hand to oversee the release and try to get a photo of the adult male Peregrines leg bands.

   Next week Dave Hogan plans to return the nest mate of today's released bird.  It somehow singed its wingtips in its ill-fated maiden flight.
Nest mate photographed 2 days before mishap.
Mom bird
Dad bird

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