Friday, May 18, 2012

Arizona Trip


 The trip begins.  Arrived home from work around 8:45am, finished packing, woke my daughter and hit the road by 9:15am.  A 14 hour ride fueled by Mountain Dew and Pepto Bismol had us pulling in to Tulsa, OK for the night.

  Day 2, drive was uneventful except for the heavy rain in the Texas panhandle that washed all the previous night's bugs off the windshield.  Late in the afternoon we reached Roswell, NM.  Something tells me we weren't the first visitors here.

   On Tuesday, we reached our first destination Patagonia, AZ. The house we rented was billed as a nature lovers paradise.  That it was.  The bird feeders had been filled in advance  of our arrival and we enjoyed the first chance on the trip to kick back and relax.  But how can you relax when the feeders, birdbaths and the trees were abuzz with birds.  Here are a few images I was able to capture.

Bridled Titmouse

     A humorous exchange took place between these two birds, when the Western Tanager took exception to the Black-headed Grosbeak arriving at the bird bath. The tanager kept squawking until the grosbeak got fed up and answered back and apparently had the last word. 

  Fortunately for me the tanager landed in a more picturesque setting.

  Here is a link to the Vacation Rentals by Owner listing for the house.

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