Friday, December 1, 2017

More Snowies

     Woke this morning and found a message on my phone from Van Burmeister who found 4 Snowy Owls on the south breakwater of Ludington Harbor.  A second message was from Dave Dister who suggested that I check the pumped storage reservoir to see if I could find any of the 3 owls that I saw Wednesday.

    I was only able to find one owl at the reservoir before heading to the harbor to document the 4 birds that Van found.  With a little more effort I was able to find a sixth Snowy along Scottville Rd.
   Twelve of the Snow Geese that I saw at the reservoir on Wednesday were still present.


  1. Thanks. These Snowy Owl irruptions are getting to almost be a yearly thing. Hopefully I can get one on our CBC this weekend.