Thursday, May 26, 2016

North American Migratory Bird Count 5/14/16


  Mark Twain never said " The coldest Christmas Bird Count I ever participated in was a Spring Migratory Bird Count in Mason County" But he could have.  At one point on count morning, Saturday May 14, 2016, the temperature was 38 F with a 15 mph wind which equates to a windchill in the upper 20's.
   Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, the six teams covering Mason County found 156 species just 2 short of the county record. Here are photos of a few of the 104 birds that Dave Dister and I were able to find in Pere Marquette and Summit Townships plus the city of Ludington.
Piping Plover in flight

Piping Plover in sprint

Lincoln's Sparrow

Lesser Yellowlegs

Pectoral Sandpiper

Short-billed Dowitcher
  Here are other birds that I've seen since my last post.

 In my yard the Pine Siskins are still fighting over the feeders

  On the South Pier of Ludington Harbor a few shorebirds have been hanging around.
Spotted Sandpiper

Semi-palmated Sandpiper

   This morning I walked the North Pier of Ludington Harbor and found one of the local Piping Plovers had the same idea.
Mr. Piping Plover
Mrs. Piping Plover

Mr Plover back on the beach

Close-up of leg bands 
Wilson's Warbler at Pere Marquette Monument

Flock of Canada Geese

Common Nighthawk over my house


Bald Eagle at Ludington State Park

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