Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ludington State Park - Northern Lights Again 11/07/2015

Following a heavy overcast day, I wasn't holding out much hope of viewing a potential auroral display in the hours after midnight this morning.  I woke up just as the calendar clicked over to November 7, and saw that according to the Kp index was up to 5 with a possibility of intensification.  Since the dog hadn't been out since we fell asleep during the second period of the Red Wings game, we stepped outside.  I to check the cloud cover and Roscoe to water the lawn.  
    In the 3 hours that I napped on the couch the skies had just about cleared.  I packed my camera gear into the car and headed toward Ludington State Park.  As I headed up County Rd 116 I noticed glow through the clouds to the north.  I pulled over and took a 10 second exposure with my camera held on the dashboard.  There they were, the elusive glowing green pulses that I hadn't seen since...Wednesday.   
Hand held through the windshield
   I found a suitable spot on Hamlin Lake and set up the rig.

   Once again I created a video from some of the still shots. Here is the youtube link......Northern Lights 11/07/2015


  1. Neat! I'm especially liking #623. Green glows are certainly cool but I like the green curtains better. Well done!!!


  2. Thanks. In the photos around 623 a little vortex developed.

  3. Brilliant, Mark! I'm still waiting to see some, someday....

  4. Besides checking, here is a link that can give you a heads up on what is in the offing. . It gives a forecast on the expect Kp index. It needs to be at least 7 for a display to be visible from Wayne County, but an index of 8 or 9 may be necessary from light polluted skies of metro Detroit. Up here the my last two sigthtings had a Kp index of 5 on Wednesday and 6 on Saturday.