Tuesday, June 16, 2015

This Year's Peregrines

   On Sunday I stopped by my former place of employment to check on some old friends and coworkers.  The resident Peregrines have another brood and I was able to photograph the two young ones as they appeared to be taxiing while waiting for an available runway.

   As in previous years, I relied on the Canadian Peregrine Foundation's development guide to determine their age.  Peregrine Foundation Development Guide  From the photos on that site I figured the chicks were 33-35 days old.  A young male may attempt flight at 35 days.  Yesterday I was notified by Lab Tech Bob at the site, that the chick on the right was found uninjured on the ground and was taken by raptor rehabilitator Dave Hogan, who will return the bird when it is fully able to fly.
  Today Bob sent me an email telling me that the second chick followed the example of its nestmate and was also picked up by Mr. Hogan.   If all goes well and they graduate from flight school, it will double the number of successful fledges produced by the resident pair.  

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