Thursday, May 28, 2015

Latest Birds

   Finally back on a more birder-friendly schedule after spending most of peak migration on the dreaded dayshift.  This morning I took a walk along the Lake Michigan shore after work to see if any shorebirds blew in on the southerly winds.
   Only shorebirds I saw were Spotted Sandpipers.

   Came across a colony of Bank Swallows on a sandy bluff overlooking the lake.  As nest preparations must still be going on I saw small groups of the swallows fly down to the beach pick up some nesting materials and fly back to the sandy cliff. Not sure if the volume of material presented to their mate makes any difference but clearly some birds are trying a little harder than others.

Here's a guy confident in his relationship

This guy either is in over his head or pulled a Kobe Bryant

Common Raven minding its own business

Crow also minding the raven's business


  Lastly here a couple of photos taken from the yard this week.
Robin taking lunch to the kids

Common Nighthawk

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