Monday, September 15, 2014

Here come the Broadwings 9/14/2014

Broad-wingeds over my yard

   For the second year in a row on September 14,  I had a nice flight of Broad-winged Hawks over my yard.  Earlier in the afternoon I visited the Hawk Count site at Lake Erie Metropark and saw a few small kettles.  After I headed home the flow of hawks at the park increased in intensity to the point that a total of over 13,000 Broadwings were tallied.   That sum may sound impressive but by the time Thursday rolls around,  the total could be a dwarfed by the numbers possible under the ideal weather conditions forecast for Tuesday 9/16 and Wednesday 9/17 the historical peak of the migration.

Wider view

    The 200 hawks that I saw from my yard all passed by in a five minute span that started at 5:40 PM.  This week will be the last Broadwing migration that I can watch from my yard, as a change in jobs will have me relocating soon to another part of the state.  The house isn't up for sale yet but my personal suburban birding hotspot will belong to someone else sometime next year.  With a yardlist that includes Yellow-throated Warbler, Evening Grosbeak, Golden Eagle, White-winged Crossbill, Common Redpoll,  Olive-sided Flycatcher, almost annual Pine Siskins and the county's first and only Rufous Hummingbird, I can only hope that the next resident appreciates the inexplicable attraction that birds have to this parcel.   

  Coincidentally, my all-time yardlist and current year work birdlist both are at and will probably stay at 139.  Here are a few birds photographed the past few days at both locations.

At Work       
Swainson's Thrush

Common Yellowthroat

Magnolia Warbler

Wilson's Warbler

Wilson's at work
                                                                      At Home
Wilson's at home

Nashville Warbler

Blackpoll Warbler

Carolina Wren

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